Vegan Support Path

The  Vegan Support Path was established to help people who are new to the vegan lifestyle and/or are struggling with adapting to the lifestyle. 

Through my online course, "The Vegan Journey: A Beginner's Pathway ", it is my desire to help you go from "Mission Impossible" to "Mission Accomplished". To go from overwhelm, self-doubt and uncertainty to clarity, confidence and consistency.


Through these tips/tools, recipes and support, you can benefit from:

  • Having more control over what goes into your body and what doesn't go into your body (like hormones, antibiotics, GMOs, etc.)
  • Being a healthier, more self-fulfilled person with more energy and vitality
  • Being there for your family and their needs as well
  • Knowing you are making our world a better place for animals;
  • Having a fit environment for yourself and for future generations;
  • Enjoying tasty, easy, inexpensive recipes
  • Saving yourself from the headaches of wasting your time, energy and money
  • Getting personal support to see you through 

 WHAT PROBLEM WILL THE COURSE SOLVE: Self-Doubt and confusion from overwhelm, wanting to be a healthier you and to live longer, but not knowing where and how to start

Helping people overcome their overwhelm, confusion and self-doubt as a result of:

  • Struggles 
  • Worries 
  • Fears
  • Frustrations and obstacles
  • Lack of support

WHAT IS THE OUTCOME? Overcoming overwhelm, having more clarity and strengthening your self-confidence in your food choices and being consistent; leading you to a healthier lifestyle so you can enjoy what matters most to you.

With help, and your commitment, together we can:

  • begin to transform you into the empowered, committed, healthy vegan you dream about;
  • work toward overcoming:
    • the stress of starting a new lifestyle – clutter and confusion, overwhelm
    • fears of failing and being embarrassed
    • doubts that you can keep up the effort - new vegan fatigue
    • frustrations in areas such as food buying and preparation
    • concerns regarding achieving the appropriate nutritional needs
    • obstacles such as eating out and family gatherings, vegan/non-vegan households, etc.

You can build your confidence so you can establish the foundation of your vegan/plant-based eating routine and have the tools to maintain it.

I have been there, and I have experienced the pitfalls and valleys so I understand what people are going through and I know I can help take people from being overcome by overwhelm to more clarity, and having self-confidence in their decision to live a healthier lifestyle.

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