Greetings Vegan-Curious, New and Veteran Vegans!

Welcome to Vegan Vagabonds! Please look around and enjoy your stay.

If you need help with transitioning to or strengthening your vegan lifestyle - Congratulations - you've come to the right spot!

Whether you're just starting out on this path and you're not sure where to start or what to expect, or you've been traveling it for a while, you probably have a desire, a hope, a dream to:

  • have more control over what goes into your body;
  • make better food choices;
  • be a better, more healthier you;
  • help make our world a better place for animals;
  • have a vibrant, fit environment for yourself and for future generations;
  • find tasty, easy, inexpensive vegan/plant-based recipes;
  • save yourself from the headaches of wasting your time, energy and money.

But maybe you are plagued with frustrations and obstacles, and overcome with overwhelm that are all eating away at your self-confidence. Not to worry - you are not alone!

I'm a self-made vegan of almost 7 years and have been through the dips and valleys that sometimes come with this journey. 

Together, with my knowledge and support, and your commitment, you will feel the relief as you:

  • start to transform yourself into the empowered, committed vegan/plant-based eater you dream about;
  • work toward overcoming:
    • the overwhelm of information that faces you;
    • the stress of starting a new lifestyle;
    • fears of failing and being embarrassed;
    • doubts that you can keep up the effort - new vegan fatigue;
    • frustrations in areas such as food buying and preparation;
    • Lack of easy, inexpensive, tasty, healthy recipes;
    • obstacles such as eating out and family gatherings, etc.
  • begin to build your confidence so you can establish the foundation of your vegan lifestyle and have the tools and support to help you maintain it;

You can realize these accomplishments that you have only imagined were possible, and in order to help you, I have developed an online learning experience that will offer you guidance to help you build a firmer foundation for moving forward.

"The Vegan Journey: A Beginner's Pathway" - educational and support program.

I'd love to have you join my course as together we develop a solid base for your vegan/plant-based eating routine so that, moving forward, you will be able to more easily maintain that lifestyle no matter where you are.

So, click course info to get more details about what is being offered and how you can sign up - to help yourself, the animals of this world and our environment.


If you would like a sneak preview of the type of information you'll receive in the course, you can do so by:

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